What it means

  • Our Online Risk-Free Guarantee protects you from liability for unauthorized use of your accounts in U.S. Bank Online Banking and the U.S. Bank Mobile App.
  • The guarantee covers unauthorized transfers to or from your consumer accounts (those used for personal, family or household purposes) initiated via usbank.com or the U.S. Bank Mobile App. These include internal and external transfers; deposits via Mobile Check Deposit; Bill Pay payments; and Zelle® transactions.
  • U.S. Bank will cover 100% of losses from unauthorized online and mobile transactions, provided you report them to us promptly.

These protections are subject to certain restrictions, and may not apply to commercial and small business accounts.

What it doesn't mean

Caution and good judgment are essential when entering into any financial transaction. We won’t accept responsibility for losses you incur as a result of carelessness or negligence on your part. For example, if you make a Zelle payment to an unfamiliar individual in exchange for the delivery of a product or service, and the product or service is not delivered as promised, or is delivered in a form that does not meet your expectations (damaged, unusable, counterfeit or otherwise), the Online Risk-Free Guarantee does not apply. For this reason, we explicitly advise you to enter into online or mobile transactions ONLY with people you know and trust.

Your responsibilities under the guarantee

  • Never reveal your personal ID, password or other credentials to any person or third party. By providing such credentials to any person or third party, you authorize them to initiate transfers to or from your account; hence, these transactions are not considered “unauthorized.”
  • Alert us within 60 days after we first deliver a statement to you that discloses an unauthorized transaction.
  • Conduct your financial transactions in a prudent and responsible manner, taking reasonable precautions to avoid being scammed or defrauded.